Easter is getting closer

Easter is getting closer and closer.  I’ve thought a lot these days about last year and how I wanted so badly for each of the children who attend Sunday School to have new Easter clothes.  They have so little when it comes to nice things, and I felt like it was one time we could buy clothes for them without offending their parents. (I can’t say that was one of my most successful endeavors.  But that is another story.)  At least we triedCraft Storage System!

I mean, EVERYONE knows that people get new clothes for Easter.

The thing is, I’m not big on “new for Easter” for myself.  We seldom did it for our children either.  But then, neither were my parents.  In thinking about this, I may trace some of my indifference to new Easter clothing to a painful memory.  One of the many times I have wished for a second chance with my adolescent self.

My Daddy and Mama worked hard.  My Sweet Mama, especially.  Looking back, I know that there were many, many times when she felt inadequate when it came to some of the things that she considered important.  For one thing, she didn’t like to sew.  In those years, it was almost a mark of your Christianity that you sew all your own clothing.  If you had daughters, it was equally important that you sewed their dresses, toosamsung mobile accessories.

To be honest, Mama was a good seamstress.  Probably it was her perfectionist qualities that made her feel like it took too long, was too hard, and that she didn’t have time.  When she took time, there was always something phenomenal to show for her labor.  I think I was pretty hard on dresses.  For instance, I remember coming home from school in about third grade and overhearing my mama say to my daddy, “I think Mary Ann just might be growing up a little.  Her dress isn’t ripped every night when she comes in from school!”

But I loved new dresses.  And it didn’t escape me that some of my many cousins and many of my friends got new dresses for Easter.  I knew that Daddy and Mama held to the fact that new dresses for Easter was unnecessary, and while it wasn’t “wrong” it did border on “worldly.”