Chen Lei said, a day to do three things, one to eat, and drink, and look at my space. He said, this one and the other can not be omitted, this look at my space is a must, I said to Chen Lei, you talk about the album from to the message to the log you have read, and more than once, you tired? I space and no beauty, why would attract you so, beauty should be in the street. But I heard people say beauty to see, often look, seductive! See space more boring ah! He didn’t listen to me, is still always enjoy it often in my spacewomen clothing hong kong.

How he will not listen to advise the?

Some people look noble and dignified, owlish, actually you are looking blinded eyes: and some of them, like Chen Lei, watching the flow in gas, clothes dirty, be careless about one’s dress. However, his heart was revealed a breath does not release —- Wenqi introverted, not like a brilliant dew. Tree, sometimes you see it that weak, not ninety percent off, but do not know this tree full of spirit, it is as you want, ninety percent off fault English playgroup hong kong_Victoria (Upper Kornhill) Nursery – established playgroup programme in Hong Kong since 2010. English and Chinese speaking playgroup hk staff will interact with students to create a bilingual learning atmosphere..

One day, San Huai Ju master called new to some Xuan paper that I used to write a calligraphy and painting a painting, just a few drinks. This goes, there are seven or eight individuals. We then began smearing, Gogo circle. Is beautiful, a tall thin man came in, the man short hair, awl face, clothes do not pull zipper, but look from a shortage of place, and that place is certainly not washing powder. Ready to ask for his master came in for this man is doing here, I saw this man come swaggeringly like into his home for a sample, say “hello”, and then lift up his legs on the chair. The table is putting a piece of newspaper, that is me shortly before an article with scattered in master writing. I accidentally has been scanned his every act and every move, I saw him again and again, not found watching a young so not gentle, he still likes to see the text? The world is terrible, really can’t judge people by appearances, great minds can not be fathomedhair weave!

My heart, we are all in the painting, you stem what ah? Don’t you come to apply two?

At this time, a friend called Chen Lei, let it come to draw, Chen Lei said, I look at the text of Wang Changming, San Huai Ju master impatient, said, you will stand next to the author!

When he arrived, I don’t want to talk with him, thought to a street. Later, I don’t take no, this clearly is a hidden talented people. I said to him before you paint it, he said his painting asked me to write a paper for him, I promised!

He also really ink sweep! A < > autumn pastime figure appeared in the paper, I can not help but clap wow.

To my surprise, he can paint?